Sunset of the African Sky

Posted by AfroVibe on Thu June 18, 2015.

At Afrovibe Adventure Lodge and Backpackers Hostel we not only have the privilege of doing what we love everyday, but we get to meet amazing, adventure loving people from all over the world. We spend our days having fun, putting smiles on people's face and creating adrenalin filled memories under the African Sun.

Last week we were fortunate enough to experience mother nature at her best when we were blessed with this breathtaking Sunset at Gericke's Point. 

Gericke's Point is an extraordinary spot on the Garden Route and probably one of the best kept secrets. This unspoilt beach is only 150 meters form Afrovibe Adventure Lodge and located in the beautiful Wilderness National Park.

In July and August it is not uncommon to find whales frolicking in the bay. This beach is rarely crowded and offers a nice long walk in both directions.

Gericke's point is part of the intricate fossilized dunes system that runs from the Kaaimans River to Brenton on Sea. At Gericke's these dunes have been cut by wind and rain to form the most spectacular rock formations. The beach is strewn with beautiful tidal pools, bird-life, great fishing and snorkeling opportunities and an absolute must see for everyone visiting the area!