Out of the fast-lane and into the slow

Posted by AfroVibe on Thu June 18, 2015.

Since October 2010 Sedgefield was declared as Africa’s first Cittaslow town. The concept was inspired by Paulo Saturtini's great idea, a former mayor of 'Greve', a town in the famous Chianti wine region of Tuscany in Italy.

This idea inspired other mayors in nearby regions to initiate the ideals and pledges upon their micro-havens and then be a part of now what is a World Organisation (http://www.cittaslow.org/section/association).

Here in 2014 the initiative has become a global membership to promote a better quality of life and a resistance to fast-lane lifestyles, so within a continent which is a fan of the slow way of life and adding that with the ingredients of keeping money local, supporting the home grown produce of the townsfolk, ensuring that the land remains fruitful and pristine….Sedgefield has now established itself as the continents first and foremost with plenty more space for addition and improvement to be had.

As a small town of 6,000 during low season and 12,000 during high season, Sedgefield is filled with a mixture of demographics. A large chunk of the towns working class reside in the township of 'Smutsville' and are very active in the various local town projects, including the Mosaic Art Initiative which trains youth and the locals to be able to create very original pieces of mosaics. These mosaics are then placed carefully all over the town, so whenever you see the letter 'M' on the town map then that would be a hotspot that belongs to the Mosaic Art Trail which you can independently check out for yourself if you have half a day to spare.

When you come across the taller Mosaics sporting a Tortoise (the town emblem) on its top, then you would have discovered the official town pledge, stop for a minute and take in the text - 

A quality of life for all
Living a healthy lifestyle
Looking after our elderly
Preserving traditional food
Caring for our environment
Community decision making
Having community networks
Promoting unique town events
Encouraging our young people
Working for a sustainable future
Taking time for leisure & pleasure
Preserving the heritage of our town
Controlled growth and urban planning
Encouraging awareness and education
Promoting local markets & unique products
Our community and council working together
Creating a people friendly urban environment
Supporting our local products and businesses

 If there was one time of the week in which the ideals, morals and beliefs best represent 'Our Pledge', then look no further than the local weekend market. Every Saturday between 7:30am - 11:30am a mere 2 minute drive towards Wilderness there are 3 local markets, the Wild Oats Farmers Market, Mosaic Market and Scarab Village Market with a variety of local carpentry, textile, metal and mosaic related crafts and a startlingly wide array of delicious foods. It is truly any ‘foodies’ dream come true, but you have to move fast because it gets sold out quickly due to its popularity, folks come from Mossel Bay, George, Knysna and Plett to snap up the 'snoek' pate, fresh strawberries and freshly squeezed juices, steaming hot bread, pickles, biltong and sizzling German sausages.

Afrovibe Adventure Lodge

We, at Afrovibe, are very blessed to have this paradise to ourself, but we do really love to share it with you, we enjoy the outdoors and if you do so too then pop into our reception for a coffee and let our staff give you a suggestion of what you can do in your time here. Why not try a 4 hour beach hike with our knowledgeable staff and take a stroll over to Gerrike's point, take in the geological history of the area, collect shells, dig for oysters, swim in 2 metre deep rock pools and take in the beauty of the Giant fossilised sand dunes located at the end of the trail. As well as Kite-Surfing, Paragliding, Sky-Diving, Stand up Paddle boarding and Mountain Biking - there is never a dull moment in our little slice of paradise. Experience it.