Afrovibe IS a Baz Bus Stop!!!

Posted on Thu June 18, 2015.

In all honesty... since the day Afrovibe was re-located to Sedgefield from George, it has ALWAYS been a Baz Bus stop. There has been a slight confusion with regard to Baz Bus’ route schedules and maps. However, the latest maps, schedules and all the rest are all up-to-date. So yes, AFROVIBE and SEDGEFIELD are both listed as official Baz Bus pick up and drop off points!!!

A true story as experienced by the Welshman- ‘Trystan’ aka our very own ‘Jack Black’ as he was travelling South Africa for a period of 3 months. His itinerary for the Western Cape/Garden Route looked a little something like this;

- Cape Town

- Stellenbosch

- Hermanus

- Oudtshoorn

- Wilderness

- Knysna

- Plettenberg Bay

- Nature's Valley/ The Crags

- Storms River

Look familiar? By referring back to the original Baz Bus mapthat does not feature Sedgefield I had no idea of Afrovibe or its existence. I wouldn't have come here at all unless Mr Afrovibe himself personally e-mailed me via '' and saw that I was at a nearby hostel in Hermanus. Lyle then invited me and my guitar to come and play around the fire at Afrovibe Backpackers which happens to be situated on an amazing beach. I stayed here for one full week. Not everybody has the luxury of having finance and time off to equal to 3 months. Choosing to stay somewhere for one week does go to show that the place has something very special to offer... so much so that I stayed here AGAIN for 3 days on my way back to Cape Town before I caught my flight back to Cardiff.

In an ideal Hollywood sort-of-world I could tell you that I came here; fell in love, and spontaneously decided to live here for the rest of my life. Well, this is not exactly what happened. I did return to my glorious Wales and passed on my music/stories and all sorts of tales and realities about the beauty of a new and exciting Democratic South Africa. Also, to set the record straight and abolish any 70's stereotypes that are still attached to the word 'South Africa', or 'Seuth Iffrica' as most wannabe comedians jokingly pronounce it. I like many travellers who visit this land returned home and felt that I still had one foot left in this country. As time went by the feeling did not disappear.. it in fact became a pain staking stab to my soul every time I thought about my stay in South Africa. This place gets under your skin, I have never felt the same way for any other country that I have visited. Having said that, I have managed to see a fair bit even though I am only in my mid twenties. Countries I have explored include the likes of: Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

All these countries were fantastic, I was impressed most by Latvia but not nearly on the same level as what I feel for Suid-Afrika.

So establishing that Afrovibe Adventure Lodge IS a Baz Bus stop, what are the reasons I decided to return back to Sedgefield whilst backpacking back to Cape Town? 

Top Ten Reasons according to me..

1. Sedgefield is the first 'Slow-town' or 'Citta-slow'town in Africa, meaning that it works in opposite ways to 'Living in the Fast Lane' by living healthily, looking after the community, promoting town food and craft markets and looking after the environment.

2. The tallest fossilised Sand Dunes in Africa are situated here on Myoli Beach, a mere 10 minutes walk on the beach in-front of the Backpackers.

3. Sedgefield hosts the very well known Wild Oats Community Farmers Market every Saturday morning market from 7:30 - 12:30. Local town folk can be found here selling amazing fresh produce that includes bread/meat/fish/fruit and veg. Naturally, 'slow-food' being available ranging from Falafels, Vetkoek + Mince, German Sausages, Freshly Squeezed Fruit Drinks, Strawberries, Biltong and lots lots more.

4. During the Easter period Sedgefield will host the 'Slow-Fest', showing off all the brilliant things to be seen and done around Sedgefield, including: Sand Scuplting Challenge, Food and Wine pairing evening, Fun Dog Walk, Boules Challenge, Funky Hair Challenge, Music Quiz Evening an plenty more where that came from.

5. Runs a brilliant Mosaic Art Project, an Eden based Community programme working with residents in nearby townships/locations and getting them to create artwork and showcase them all over the town for the people to see.

6. Sedgefield is a famous paragliding site throughout the country, Tandem and Motorised options are available and launched from the well known spots of 'Cloud 9' and 'Map of Africa'.

7. Afrovibe Backpackers is situated literally on the beach. The beach is quite literally situated 100 meters from the lodge and is a kite surfing and stand up paddle boarding Mecca!

8. Snorkelling in the clear water of the lagoon/river-mouth is free, Afrovibe supplies equipment at no cost to guests.

9. Beer Pong is the National Sport of Sedgefield.

10. For adrenaline Junkies, hippies or beach bums Sedgefield is a perfect spot for chilling, surfing, beaching or adventuring..

 I shall see you soon!

Xxx ‘Trystan’ aka the ‘Weshman’ aka Sedgefield’s very own ‘Jack Black’